Me, at v6.0


Here I am, working my next blog redux, v6.0. Seriously — it’s hard to believe I started a blog before we even knew what “blog” meant. Those were LiveJournal days, and I not only had one LiveJournal, I had three. I realize how excessive that sounds now, but looking back, it makes perfect sense. I mean, I obviously needed three journals to make a distinction between those three periods of time between my 20s to 30s, right?  Ugh. I considered linking them all here, but they’re way too embarrassing.


By v4.0, I had broken up with LiveJournal and headed off to the big leagues of Blogger. I’ve gotta say, me at v4.0 was a good one. There I was, confidently owning my 30th year, with an engagement ring on my finger and living with the love of my life. My job was challenging, but I still didn’t have a ton of responsibility, so I could just sit at my desk and blog all day long. Read my entire group of friends’ blogs all day long. Think up great google image search perimeters to yield awesome photo posts all day long. Those were good days. Wow, I  just remembered there were no memes back then. Remember that?!? Nice, clean, meme-free images. Those really were simpler times.


v5.0 is all about married life. We walked down the aisle and before you knew it, two blogger accounts became one. Then baby came, and v5.0 became all about baby — I mean, family — life. I actually love v5.0 and always will. What’s alive in v5.0 hasn’t died; it’s still thriving.


But v6.0 is definitely here. v6.0 is all-new for 2013. It’s about a voice I’ve always had that doesn’t get heard as much as it used to, because I’ve been reading “Goodnight Moon” and cutting grapes in half all day. And I really don’t mean for that to be as negative as it probably sounds. I just like to talk, I just like to write. So I’m going to blog. I’m gonna blog as myself, under no quirky or clever handles, not on a shared blog, just me.  v6.0 is going old school — just saying what I wanna say, just ’cause I wanted to say it.